Recommenations for
Coconut Grove Village Council
Elections—October 2021

Grove 2030, working closely with other community organizations, has created a document containing recommendations for voters seeking guidance on the Nov. 2 Coconut Grove Village Council election. Download the document

Shared Pathways:
Improving Mobility in Coconut Grove

The planning group that organized the Nov. 2, 2019 workshop titled "Shared Pathways: Reimagining Mobility in Coconut Grove" has published an action plan based on the workshop. The plan outlines specific steps Coconut Grove can take to improve mobility based on the input from the workshop. Download the document.

Protecting Our Waterfront

Grove 2030’s Parks & Public Spaces Working Group has released its blueprint for protecting our public waterfront from the threats posed by climate change. Read the full report here.

Our May 15 forum on the future of the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District (BID) was a big success. Click here to download our report about the forum and the BID.

Since 1993

Our Vision

In 2030 the village of Coconut Grove will be distinguished by lush, natural beauty; authentic character and traditions; and by a diverse and engaged citizenry. A network of safe, tree-lined neighborhoods will be linked by bike- and pedestrian-friendly pathways to a vibrant, sustainable business core that caters to the Grove’s eclectic mix of inhabitants.

Since 1993

About Grove 2030

Grove 2030 is a citizen-led initiative to shape the future of Coconut Grove through a community of informed, engaged residents.

In the fall of 2014, over 100 stakeholders—residents, retailers, property owners, developers, and government officials—participated in a half-day visioning workshop, from which emerged the group’s vision of the Grove in the year 2030.

The Vision has been broken into areas of work, or working groups, each of which has articulated strategic goals necessary to realize the vision by the year 2030.

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By 2030

  • A pedestrian and bike-friendly pathway will safely link all Coconut Grove residents to each other, the commercial, retail sector, parks and public spaces, and other community assets.
  • Through the promotion and implementation of public and other alternative modes of transportation, automobile traffic in Coconut Grove will decrease by 40%.
  • Every Street and intersection of Coconut Grove will safely accommodate pedestrians, cyclists and uses of other alternative modes of transportation.
Parks & Public Spaces

By 2030

  • Every Coconut Grove resident will live within a quarter-mile walk of a publicly accessible park, green space, or designated open space.
  • Coconut Grove’s total tree canopy will be 25% greater than 2015 levels.
  • A comprehensive, proactive response plan will protect Coconut Grove’s parks and public spaces from the threat posed by climate change.
Retail & Commercial

By 2030

  • Coconut Grove’s Village center will be economically self-sustaining—a symbiotic balance of office, retail, commercial, entertainment, and resident core services.
  • A Special District will coordinate policy and operations of Coconut Grove’s commercial/retail district.
  • Coconut Grove’s business sector will be recognized as statewide leader in environmental sustainability practices.
Civic & Cultural


By 2030

  • The removal or significant alteration of any structure older than 50 years will require approval from an independent historical review board.
  • Coconut Grove will govern its own municipal affairs.
  • Coconut Grove will be nationally recognized as the preeminent arts and cultural district in Miami-Dade County.


By 2030

  • Coconut Grove will be the recognized leader among Miami-Dade communities in innovation, sustainable development, and green housing initiatives.
  • At least 70% of all homes and condos will be owner-occupied.
  • Attainable housing stock—both rental and ownership—will increase 10 percent over existing levels.


Lucas Azar
Biscayne Bank
Chair:  Commercial & Retail

Johannah Brown
Grove Watch

Erin Clancy

Ruth Ewing
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Chair:  Civic and Cultural Life


Javier Gonzalez
REMAX Advance Realty
Chair: Housing

Thorn Grafton
Zyscovich Architects



Joanna Lombard
University of Miami School of Architecture

Hank Sanchez-Resnik
Bike Coconut Grove
Chair: Transportation

Rachel Silverstein
Miami Waterkeeper
Chair: Parks & Public Spaces

Dave Villano